Your ears and my secret life

Having said yesterday that I would have no new work to show this week, I realised I was lying and a new drawing (which I actually made a while ago) is going on display in the real world. While you probably assumed I spent 100% of my time illustrating, the truth is that I have a secret double life and I’m also a musician, and I play in a band called The Well Rested. And we have a single coming out this week, which is called Family Tree, and I drew the picture on the front:

Well rested single

While the picture is quite good, I’m very proud of the type. At this very moment it is already thundering across the open plains of the internet, so if you have more money than sense you can pay for it on itunes, or if like me you want to listen to things for free you can hear it on Spotify, which is here .

If you are around in Edinburgh we’ll be having a single launch party on Friday 3rd in the Teviot Underground, so you should come along and see me pretending not to be an artist for once.



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One response to “Your ears and my secret life

  1. HEy james!
    I ‘m from france, i’m studiant in arts deco de strasbourg, and I remember that you where in erasmus two years ago!!

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