The Royal Academy

Oh how infrequent these blog posts are getting! How do you cope without rambling monologues and crude sketches of overweight swimmers to see you through the lonely nights? I’m afraid I haven’t updated for two reasons: Firstly, for the last two weeks I was working on a secret project which may or may not be revealed at some point (but I can assure you that if it is, it’s a very exciting project).  Secondly, this weekend I’ve been hiding out in a clifftop cottage in Montenegro to avoid paying off my bar tab at The Ventoux  down in London because some of my work was on show in the London Original Print Fair. This is the first time anyone in London has put some of my work on a wall for public display, and it was very exciting. You can see the excitement in this photograph that the lovely Cat O’Neil took:

What is that expression? It looks like a man trying to affably hide some deepseated bemusement while recovering from a general anaesthetic.

Anyway, more updates will follow at the end of this week. I may even reveal this secret project- it will definitely be worth the wait..


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