Developing things

The swimming continues. Not actual swimming of course, I’d rather drown than don a pair of speedos, but the drawings about swimming continue. Here are two things: firstly a lino cut of the pool itself, because lino is the best medium ever, and secondly a scraperboard mock-up of one of the double pages in the book, which shows our protagonist entering the pool building. Drawing his fur coat is a lot of fun, but does the whole thing come across as too dark? Again, opinions are gratefully received.pool

Click to enlarge, obviously.

pool 1 

Lastly, a quick question for any artists: I’m currently using Daler-Rowney scraperboard but I’m not very keen on it, it’s a bit too slidey. A friend from Switzerland gave me some called Canson Studio Grattage, which is much, much better, but I can’t find it anywhere and I’m not sure Canson still make it. If anyone uses it or knows of where this stuff can be purchased, they will be handsomely rewarded with original artwork and more importantly, wine.



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6 responses to “Developing things

  1. Your work is brilliant! Love the combo of delicacy and beef in the scratchboard. I wish I knew where ti find the canson stuff. I’ll ask a friend who works in a craft shop in Brizzle. I’ll letcha know…

    • Ah, thankyou so much! I will dispatch scouts to every corner of the globe to find these things. I take it you’re back from India now then? I hope you had the most wonderful time, your posts from there were amazing! 🙂 (if all else fails, do you think you know anyone in India who sells Canson scraperboard?) x

  2. Not too dark at all. I’m impressed that you call that a ‘mock-up’.

  3. Joanna Lisowiec

    Dear James,

    I really like the linocut you did here. The colour palette is great – exactly what an indoor pool should be, and the composition is also superb. Over all it is just a fantastic image. If I had money I would buy it. It reminds me a bit of Bawden’s linos of the train station 🙂 I think its the colours and the fact that it features architecture, but yes, excellent work my friend!



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