In at the deep end

Now, perhaps a lot of you have been asking yourself “What has happened to James? Is he still alive? Can he bring himself to set pen to paper? Has he succumbed to the effects of the red-wine-before-lunch lifestyle?” The answers, in order, are: “He hasn’t been blogging much lately but don’t take it personally”, “It appears so”, “Most of the time”, and “Not yet”. 


I’ve been working on a comic book. I might have mentioned it before, because it’s all about swimming, and I posted some swimming pictures up earlier so you can guess what they were for. These last weeks I’ve written a script and done a huge number of roughs, and in total it looks like the project will be about 90 pages long. Which is a lot, and it should be ready, realistically, by the end of the summer. At present I’m developing the sort of visual concept for the finished work, which means “What will the book actually look like”. Here are a couple of sketchbook pages with the two main characters, and a load of scraperboards of the swimming pool:

swim 7 swim 6 swim 5 swim 4 swim 3 swim 2 swim 1

What do you think? Is this going in the right direction? Are they too stark? Should they be looser? Should they be better? Please do comment and give feedback, it is greatly appreciated. More work will follow this week so do stay tuned…



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