Mother Tongue

Hot off the press! I’ve just finished a scraperboard for a poster of a play called Mother Tongue, which is funded by the University of Edinburgh and is showing in a couple of weeks at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. It’s all about contemporary interpretations of folk  tales and things. This is the poster:

Mother Tongue

I’m slowly recovering. I’ll be better next week I think.




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3 responses to “Mother Tongue

  1. Sarah Spaetzle

    Hi James, I’m trying to work out how you did this (being a total newbie to scraperboards). Did you add the purple and red afterwards digitally, or did you make three prints? If so, did you do the colour before or after the main picture. (and can you even print with a scraperboard???). Just curious!
    Love your illustrations by the way. The new Ethiopian cover is great! Makes me want to read the tales, which I guess means a good job well done! (though I found the red text on the front cover a little hard to read over the white scratchings – might just be because I’m looking at it on a screen).

  2. Sharolette Pendergrass

    I am an English teacher at Carl Junction, Missouri. Is there some place I can purchase your work, specifically the “Mother Tongue” poster?

    • My work is in a few galleries in the UK but not in the US, I’m afraid. However, I’d be happy to post things to you! The Mother Tongue poster was a short run for a theatre production and I’m afraid it’s out of print now, but most of my linocut prints are still available. Please do have a look through my folio and let me know if there’s anything that catches your eye!

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