Ferengi! Ferengi! Up and running!

I’ve been so hellishly ill with flu this week that I’ve have hardly set pen to paper, but against the better wishes of my physician (girlfriend) I drove down to Cambridge to hang the FERENGI! FERENGI! exhibition:

Ferengi! Ferengi!

And it looks GREAT. I am now, however, reduced to nothing but mucus and sweat with a sore back to top it all off. We’re holed up in York right now, so assuming we’re not buried in snow I will return to Edinburgh soon, and assuming it isn’t still snowing in three weeks then come along to the Private View, which is on the 14th. The wine is on me..



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3 responses to “Ferengi! Ferengi! Up and running!

  1. Sarah

    Exhibition looks great … hope you are feeling better soon.. but Private View is 12th!

  2. Yay! Well done. Hope you feel better soon!

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