Water, water everywhere

The one thing I never noticed about swimming pools is how hot they are when you’re not almost-naked. This week I have been drawing mostly in Dalry Public Baths (as is carved in stone above the door), which is a swimming pool that looks like this:water 2

And also has a roof, which looks like this:

water 4

I had to draw at least some architecture before they were satisfied that I hadn’t arrived just to stare at old, fat people,

water 1

Though in a way I had. This is all part of an idea I had where I’m going to make one big project before my time employed by the art school is over. And at present I have no idea what exactly this will be about, but essentially it will be some sort of book, with some sort of story within. And it’s likely that that story will be set in a swimming pool, because I like drawing fat people.

water 5

This page is particularly fun, it features a man doing bad breaststroke, a man dancing as he towels himself, and a man scratching his bum. I slightly worry that the very kind manager of the swimming pool, who lets me draw there, may revoke that if I make nasty drawings of people.

water 3

I also make pictures of groups of people- these are fun because none of them are very good or enthusiastic swimmers, so they sit around chatting in the shallow end.

water 6

These people are less fun, because they do lots of lengths. Though some of them periodically stop at the shallow end to drink protein shakes and flex their muscles. What will become of this work? I don’t know. But hopefully it will develop into some incredibly interesting printed book.

I made a very basic two-colour lino print today, which is almost too simple but I like that mark making and the colours (which are inspired by a project by the tremendously talented Zsófi Szabó). Still, drawing light falling on bodies through water is the hardest thing in the world.

water print

Anyway, while we’re on the subject of liquids (what a tenuous link!) a funny thing happened today. I was looking at my statistics, and I saw that someone had come across this website by asking google “Can I drink hot wine before noon?“. Well dear reader, the answer is:


Firstly I had to stifle my amusement that google had identified this website as containing a reputable answer to that question (I have in the past suggested that I’d had enough Gluhwein, but that was only after drinking it every day for the whole of December), but then I thought “I doubt there are many websites that would answer such a question”.

Thus, if other readers have similar queries, I have compiled a definitive list which should set the matter to rest:

Things you can drink before noon

Cider (only in Dorset)

Things you can only drink after noon

Long Island Ice Tea
Cider (everywhere else)

This pretty much covers everything. Mimosas, of course, can only be drunk before lunch, even if you wake up after noon. One must never, never, touch Jaegermeister. All this puts me in mind of a book called “Son of the Martini Cookbook” which looks like this:51slViBnUAL._SL500_SS500_

Cat O’Neil got me a copy of this for my birthday, it’s the most wonderful thing in the world. If you see it, you must read it. Notice the illustrations.

Enough rambling, time to draw!




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6 responses to “Water, water everywhere

  1. My dear sir, you are so very talented! I love your drawings, and will definitely want a copy of this book you intend on producing 🙂 have you heard of a taste of chlorine? It’s worth checking out too xx

    • I read Taste of Chlorine last year while house-sitting for a friend, and when I started drawing at this swimming pool I spent about a week wracking my brains thinking “What was that Belgian book set in a swimming pool?!”… only two days ago did I find out its name 🙂 but yes, if all goes to plan (and I want to tell people my deadlines because it makes them harder to avoid) i’ll either have a self-produced book by August-ish for sale, or it will be taken on by a publisher and i will be overwhelmed with money and success and fame and fortune, etc etc etc.. i’ll keep you posted xxx

    • Also, email me! I want to hear your news x

  2. Hello!
    I really like your work and your blog so I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 🙂
    You have the link here:
    Have a great day!

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