Sour Grapes!

An Icelandic poet called Andri Magnason has written some frankly brilliant poetry about a supermarket in Iceland called “Bonus”, which is basically like Lidl or Aldi and consequently filled with poets and artists because people like that can’t afford to shop anywhere else. Unsurprisingly, it struck a chord with me, but unfortunately the book has only been published in Icelandic and German. However I got my hands on his own translation of the text and have made one illustration for a very short poem, hopefully more will follow! It looks like this:

Sour Grapes

I know the photo isn’t fantastic, but I have a new phone, which has a camera in it, and so I was trying things out with that- I’m pretty much a stranger to almost all technology. It’s too big to go in the scanner so I’ll find a proper camera and take a proper photo.

In other news, one of my prints has been selected for the Royal Scottish Academy and will be exhibited in the SSA show there which will run all of March. Go along and see it in all its classical-greece-inspired-glory: the opening is on the 28th of February so if you can beg, borrow or steal a ticket then I will hopefully see you there.



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