New Year at last

Happy New Year to everyone. A very happy new year. Now we can all return to regular life wherein we have fun and socialise at our own behest rather than feeling forced to do it all the time by some sort of overbearing festive nebula. Isn’t it weird how popular German Markets are? I can understand them being popular in Germany but they’re everywhere, which made last month’s trip to Germany feel a little wasted.

Anyway, this is some new personal work about post-festive relief, and if you’re very lucky then one of these prints will appear in your studio tomorrow.


Incidentally, if you don’t receive post like this from me and you’d like to (as in, you’re an art director and you’d be interested in seeing updates of my printed work, rather than being a punter who’d like some free prints), please do send me a message!

p.s. I know “Gluwein” is meant to be spelt with an H.


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Filed under Illustration, Printmaking

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