New Ethiopia work

At last! There has been a bit of a hiatus but here is a shiny new Ethiopia linocut.

This is an illustration of Torpido Tej, which is a Tej bet in Lalibela. What is Tej? Tej is an alcoholic beverage made from honey which is probably similar to mead, if you’re the kind of person who ever drinks mead. A Tej Bet is a place where one drinks Tej. Now, if you can imagine what it’s like to be in a small, colourful, smoky, claustrophobic room surrounded by music and people dancing while drinking a drink of unknown alcoholic strength, the flavour of honey and the texture of thin gravy, then you can imagine my inspiration for this image. Torpido Tej

It’s worth pointing out also that while my nights in Tej bets were some of the most fun I ever had in Ethiopia, the sensation of thick honey wine continuing to ferment inside my stomach was never pleasant and I was always sick the following day.


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