A Country Doctor’s Notebook

In the interests of amusing myself and making more work I though about doing more Bulgakov portrait-covers and making a little series. I sort of feel that his work can be divided into two parts, the surreal (Master and Margarita, Dog’s Heart), and the real (The White Guard, A Country Doctor’s Notebook), which gave me the idea that the surreal books could be illustrated with grotesque portraits of people and the “real” books could have more inviting landscapes and architecture and things.

Why then, I hear you ask, have you drawn a hideous old peasant woman, the kind of which Bulgakov himself seems to despise while isolated in rural Vyazma, on the cover?  Well, the answer is that I had the landscapes idea after drawing the picture. I will make another hideous portrait for A Dog’s Heart, and then research and find some images with a bit more breaaath for the White Guard and re-do the Country Doctor. Still, someone might like it. Have you ever been stranded in a rural doctors surgery?


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