Master and Margarita

I’ve been meaning to do this for possibly several years and now it’s a quiet Thursday afternoon so I actually have done it. I was down in London at the weekend, as posted about earlier today, and I saw a poster for a production of Master and Margarita at the Barbican. And from what I saw as the train rushed past it was like, a silhouette of a cat, and some people in coats, and perhaps the Kremlin. This is one of my favourite books, so forgive the rant (been reading too much CCC lately), but I thought: there is so much colour and energy and drama and emotional violence in this book, and someone has read a synopsis of it and narrowed it down to a vaguely Russian-ish, sinister-ish, 1930’s-ish set of icons, plus a cat because there’s a cat in it.

But that cat pulls someone’s head off at one point, so I thought I’d draw that. Admittedly there’s not much colour, because as soon as any red is added it looks like a Frank Miller illustration, but you know, drama, violence, punch, that sort of stuff. How does it look to those who judge books by their covers?Rather worryingly too, I’ve just noticed that its a bit reminiscent of Vangeli’s “Firing squad of tyranny” poster. 


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