An imposter!

This week, I am in Glasgow, I am pretending to be a theatre designer, and most mysteriously I am drinking guinness.  All in all I have reinvented myself as a handsome new stranger who is not the miserable wine-drinking Edinburgh-based illustrator you know and love.

To explain: I have spent this week doing a theatre design course in Glasgow, because I’m terrified that as an illustrator I might spend my life making tiny flat images that fit into books, and I want to make things that are big and intimidating. The reason I’m telling everyone is that there will be a small exhibition of my theatre design work in THE ARCHES, under Central Station, on SATURDAY at SIX O’CLOCK, and there will also be ALCOHOL. So anyone who’s in Glasgow at that time and wants to pass a few hours between cradle and grave, come and see what I’ve been doing!


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