The End of the World continued.

Here are some more drawings as I develop this end-of-the-world project. Best to tell you about it a little more: I’ve written three short stories set on the last day of the world, before an asteroid crashes into earth (specifically into Falkirk). My thinking behind it is that we’ve had end of the world type threats before (the Millennium Bug, for example), but even in the run up to the world supposedly ending, even people who really seem to believe it don’t seem to react. Like, no one takes all their savings and runs off to live out their last days partying in South America.

My first story is about a man who, by coincidence, has a job interview on the last day of the world, but despite it being pointless he goes along to it anyway, out of not really having anything better to do (I told my flatmate about this idea and she said she would actually do this herself, so perhaps I’m the crazy one). The second, as mentioned before, is about a conspiracy theorist who has spent his life speculating that the world will end and that the government is covering it up, so when the government come out and admit it he is left with nothing to do. The third one is about the wife of a rich property developer who buys a nuclear bunker to survive the end, but they move in in such a rush that the only entertainment they bring is a ping pong table, and after realising how terrible it would be to spend the apocalypse playing ping pong, she escapes to the surface. So anyway, here are some drawings for a couple of them. Hope you like them. The books will be ready for my final submission, which will be the middle of May.


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