What do we want? Equal Marriage! When do we want it? Sometime after proposing!

Hey, two posts in one day. I’m getting good at this. After writing nonsense limericks I went on a protest march supporting equal marriage! What a lot of fun.Look at those happy people marching. We had a gay ol’ time (pardon the pun). We all milled around in Bristo Square for what felt like forever, then started marching.

If you’re a vaguely regular follower of these things you’ll know that I went to a lot of anti-cuts protests (if you’re not, scroll down the blog and find them, I can wait), and drew a lot of anti-conservatives chanting with their fists in the air. Gotta say this for the gay rights gang, they’re hotter than anarchists. Look at this kid: she looks like she should be a member of the velvet underground.Nonchalant, huh?

What with it being a marriage protest, there were lots of marriage outfits:

Weirdly, loads of girls dressed as guys, but I didn’t see one guy dressed as a girl. The one or two dresses looked pretty serene, but no amount of sexual tolerance will prevent wedding dresses from being horrifically impractical garments. Most folk just went with veilsThere was even a man who looked like a fat Dostoevsky. With russian literature on our side, who can stop us?So there we go. Equal marriage. Big, well organised, well attended protest. Lots of fun characters. The bill will come up in parliament in a couple of months and I’m pretty sure it’ll pass, which I can only be glad about.

If it seems like I’m not really getting into writing about this protest, it’s because everyone just had too much fun for me to get really sardonic about. The far-right-bible-bashing Scotland For Marriage counter protest never showed up, so their was no air of tension, and somehow that’s just not so fun to draw. Call me a misanthrope, I feel less inspired if things aren’t about to kick off. Unlike the hairy anarchists, a cute girl with a heart-shaped balloon is never going to flip out and start throwing fire extinguishers at policemen.Though on reflection that’s probably for the best. Well done everyone, I’m sure the movement will be a great success!


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  1. I like your growing role as a reviewer of liberal movements. You could do a little column in the Guardian giving marches a grade and a punny send-off

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