An afternoon at the museum

Yesterday I went with the wonderful Josefin Sundqvist to the National Museum. We looked at some stuffed tigers, a stuffed beluga whale, and something called a “sunfish” which may have been stuffed or may have been made from plastic. We also drew some pictures of the other animals (people) that we saw there.

We drew some funny looking grown-ups, and one person who was reading a book. I don’t know why you’d go to a museum to read a book. A book is like a portable museum and renders the museum itself redundant. 

Not this chap. He just stood there looking at things with a gleeful expression. Exactly what you should be doing in a museum.

There were also lots of kids there, who like the grown-up above, looked at things. They knew what they were doing too! They were louder about it than the grown-ups, so they lose points for that in my eyes. The nice thing about going to the museum with Josefin is that it justifies my drawing children, because she looks lovely and we both (thankfully) look like artists, whereas if I go alone I just look like a strange bearded man drawing children.

The best thing though, was this:

They have this interactive bit that’s all about science and technology (one doesn’t interact with history or culture, you see), and there is a strange machine where you turn these handles and it turns on some bulbs and a radio and a fan, which turn off again when you stop. It exists either to teach children about how electricity is generated, or as a metaphor for the unrelenting futility of human endeavour.

Lastly, this child wore a large hat.


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  1. Becca Rose

    I love your drawing styles james albon!

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