A work in progress?

I haven’t finished anything lately (actually that’s a lie, I have, but there are no photos of it so you won’t see it yet..), so here is some work in progress. This is for my next story, which is called “The Passenger Seat” and features three extremely ugly Clarkson-type mid-life crises on a motorised tricycle, the very sort which I recently saw in real life (see for you very own eyes). Here are some pictures:

I started by making some characters. They are all based loosely on people I have seen in real life. Here is one of the various drawings. Look how ugly they are!

The I started thinking about some compositions.I drew and drew and drew and it’s not terribly interesting to look at. Here is one drawing I love though.Thing is, I have this idea for the format of the book. And it’s gonna be real wide. So i draw some more and decide to make a very very wide image. This one is a lino.

So that’s it. Who knows what might happen next! I’ll keep you, yes you! posted.


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