Strike one!

Assuming you have even the slightest moments of contact with events in the outside world (ie. you’re not a printmaker), you’ll know that pretty much everyone in Britain is on strike yesterday, apart from Parliament and the BBC. I wasn’t either. I went to the protest in Edinburgh, and did what I do all the time, I drew pictures of ugly people there. In fact, the march started in real comfort for me, because I could see it going up Johnston Terrace from my balcony. What luxury! Look at them! Down there! Like ants!

Anyway, turns out you can’t see anyone in great detail from such distance, so I left my ivory tower and went and joined in. Loads of people there. Loads and loads. If you want a proper estimate as to the numbers, go and get your news from a proper source, all I can say is there were loads though. People from all sorts of ages there too, which was nice, rather than last week’s protest which was mostly spotty students and hairy hippies. A lot of people brought their kids, which I guess is what you do when all the teachers are on strike. The kids seemed to have a great time too. There were lots of old people too, including these two old guys who looked like they’d joined the march on their way to auditioning for Waiting for Godot.Anyway, we were all walking down the Royal Mile, and eventually congregated outside the Parliament. So many people! So I guess it was a great success in that respect. At one end there was an open-topped double decker bus, which I assumed would be where firebrand union leaders would stand and shout charismatic things, but it was actually just covered with photographers and film crews. And they played cheesy 80s pops songs through the speakers, like you would imagine at some sort of terrible communist school disco. They didn’t even play the Smiths. After a while people came out and made speeches though. Really good speeches actually. All very firebrandy and charismatic and things. Well, it was a fun day out. And I think this could be the first of many successful marches and things! Well, I hope. There’s more to come though:I drew this picture too. I think I might write a play about these, and call it The Police, the Press and the Protester. It will be a beautiful and tragic love-triangle set around their shared disappointment at the lack of violence and drama in protest… what do you think? All I need now is a priest and a pugilist, and it could be a russian novel…


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